Genetic testing can determine genealogy ancestors, ethnic origin, African or Native American tribes, Jewish origin.

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Genetic Testing



Ancestral Testing

Genetic testing purposes incluse diagnosis, paternity and others. Genetic testing can help identify the ancestral origin / ethnic origins of a person, based upon tribal and geographic genetic distributions.

It can aid genealogists in determining family tree ancestors.
One type of autosomal STR genetic markers has been developed by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for identification of individuals.

Each personís DNA profile serves as a genetic fingerprint for that individual, with a theoretical accuracy of less than one in a trillion of sharing an identical genetic profile with anyone else in the world. Since these autosomal STR profiles are so unique, these genetic testing markers are the industry standard for legal, court-admissible paternity (baby daddy) and maternity testing.
 DNA analysis can be accomplished through two types of DNA testing, SNP and autosomal testing.
Who are your ancestors? DNA testing can help you find out.Companies that do ancestral DNA analysis attempt to show which regions of earth your genes are likely to come from. Some attempt to narrow down to a particular African cultural group, or Native American tribe, or Hebrew / Jewish origin.
Jewish origin can be categorized thusly: Ashkenazi, Chuetas (descendants of Jewish converts to Catholicism in Majorca, Spain), Israeli (of diverse origins), North African (from Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya), Oriental (from Iran and Iraq), Sephardi (from Turkey).